I love living on this street and can’t imagine living anywhere else in Sheffield. I never seem to need to leave it – seriously, butcher, baker, candlestick-maker sort of street with loads of independent shops.


  • ISH Fabrics – amazing range of fabrics and huge tubs for rummaging for offcuts
  • The Greedy Greek – deli extraordinaire
  • Seven Hills Bakery – local, freshly baked bread. Opens just in the afternoon. Perfection.
  • Sharrow Vale Hardware – so useful! And for a hardware shop, a complete pleasure to be in – gorgeous range of cookware as well as lovely paints, it looks great, the staff are extremely helpful and also, entirely essentially, non patronising.
  • The Sharrow Marrow – fruit and veg and friendly service
  • Roneys Butchers – brilliant, particularly hot pork sandwiches and lamb chops
  • Gilbert and Sons – new and antique furniture crammed in a sprawling green shop
  • Fancie – because sometimes only an overpriced cupcake will do
  • The Vintage Tableware Company – gorgeous tablewear to buy and hire, friendly owner and one extremely cute Jack Russell
  • Rhythm and Booze (obviously)
  • Sharrow Vale Barbers – I’ve not personally had my hair done there but we know Sarah does a fantastic job!

Other places that are not shops but also are brilliant:

  •  A Month of Sunday’s – Sheffield artist Pete McKee’s gaff.
  • Thelma’s – beautiful cafe and good salads/cheese/cake selection
  • Made by Jonty – good breakfasts
  • Bilash – excellent Indian takeaway
  • The Lescar – very fond memories of devouring a baked Camembert following a 5 mile snowy walk. They also have comedy nights and a good beer garden.

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